This program is part of the Fuller Leadership Platform (FLP). The curriculum has a 6-month duration and an online modality with field activities.

In six modules (one month each), each participant deepens their understanding of the US immigration situation. They will receive tools and develop skills to guide the local church in a biblical and pastoral response to the immigration crisis.

Each module combines readings, video guides, and reflection exercises.

Preparing our hearts, minds, and churches for the learning process.

The Church’s mission and why we have to deal with the immigration system and its impacts.

Understanding the immigration legal system and the basic legal responses.

Recognizing pastoral actions and therapeutic responses toward the affected families.

How can the church offer legal services and advocate for a more just, humane, and efficient immigration system.

Tools to organize, equip, and mobilize the church leadership and the youth.

Field activities and coaching

Our program aims to provoke the “ecclesial imagination,” which means the community’s capacity to imagine new ways to live out God’s mission. For this reason, the progam requires the participant to commit to the implementation of the following activities:

1) Form and facilitate a regular small group.

During the six months each participant will have to gather and facilitate a small group (3-15 persons) from they church or organization. The small group could be an existing ministry that agree on adopting the immigration topic for 6 months (e.g. women ministry, men ministry, bible study, youth group, etc.), or it could be a new small, created for the purpose of the program. The program includes a guide on how to form and facilitate the small group.

2) Invite a young leader to co-lead with you.

Each participant will invite a young leader (under 30s) to participate in the small group. More directions will be given on how to make this participation effective.


Each participant will be a part of a monthly videocall with one of our coaches and other program participants. In this montly call they will share experiences, challenges, and mutual advice for the process.